FDI Youngevity: Pharmacy Discount Card

Save up to 85% off the cost of most prescription medicines.
Listen as Troy shares his experience using the discount card:

In 3 months, Americans have saved more than $3,000,000
(and counting) using these cards.

Frequently Asked Question:

Q: I already have health insurance, how can the card help me?

A: The FDI Youngevity FREE Pharmacy Discount Card cannot be
combined with any other discounts or coverage plans. This is
because the pre-established pricing structure is the same
or very close to the price that the health care providers pay
themselves. Therefore, depending on subsidies and other internal programs,
using your current health care provider may cost you MORE than
the final price using the FDI Youngevity FREE Pharmacy Discount Card.

In addition, many health care providers are discontinuing or severely
paring back their prescription benefits.

The best advice is to, even if you currently have health insurance with a prescription benefit, have your pharmacist run your regular insurance program and the FDI Youngevity FREE Pharmacy Discount Card, and see which is the most beneficial to you.

Source: FDI YOUNGEVITY & MLM News Report: Troy Dooley

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Changing The Face Of Maternal Health

Soul Purpose is proud to announce its newest partnership:  a collaboration with Miss Ghana USA 2010/2011 Finalist Rebekah A. Ofori-Frimpong and her MaMa Africa program.

MaMa Africa’s mission is to send “Mommy Care” packages to mothers in 10 African countries and three cities in the United States.  Beginning in October, Soul Purpose will donate products to these mothers on an on-going basis.

MaMa Africa focuses on maternal health of at-risk mothers in the United States and Africa, and is part of Rebekah’s New Face of African Health (NFAH) and its Mind, Body and Soul (MBS) Community Health Project, created to motivate African people in the United States and Africa to take charge of their health and to improve health conditions in their communities.

The MBS Project will address social, environmental and preventable measures to positively impact at-risk populations and focuses on three main areas of concern:

  • MIND
    Changing Perceptions:
      Educational programs that promote awareness of preventable diseases and health conditions along with health classes that include alternative health, mental health and nutrition.
  • BODY
      Exercise programs, running/walking clinics, health promotions concerning nutrition and other ways to improve physical health.  Body Impact also encourages at-risk populations to obtain annual health checkups and to create clinics that provide accessible health options in their communities.
    Preventative Measures:
      A volunteer network that will positively impact the health of people in communities by working with organizations that improve environmental health conditions such as planting trees, donating clean water or mobilizing efforts to offer help when and where it is needed.

Soul Purpose is pleased to be part of this endeavor that is working to change the face of health in Africa and the United States from a global perspective with emphasis on global health initiatives and community networks that foster healthy lifestyles.

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YOUNGEVITY® Launches Premium Dark Chocolate

International Nutritional Products Company Youngevity® announced the launch of Triple Treat Chocolate featuring Probiotics.  Triple Treat Chocolate combines the antioxidant value of cocoa and wild craft blueberries with the health benefits of probiotics – all in an 8 gram delicious dark chocolate square.

Triple Treat Chocolate is All-Natural, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Glycemic-Friendly, Fair Trade Compliant, contains no preservatives, and is kosher-certified.

Each 40 calorie piece of Triple Treat Chocolate boasts many healthful benefits not found in other chocolates.  Youngevity Triple Treat Chocolate is high in antioxidants and features an unprecedented ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) value of 16936 per piece and an ORAC FN value of 63024.

“We are truly excited to offer Triple Treat Chocolate, a healthy probiotic-rich chocolate that’s great tasting and good for you!” said Steve Wallach, President and CEO of Youngevity®.  He continued, “Triple Treat Chocolate is already creating a buzz among consumers because of the ORAC value – which is the highest of any product we’ve ever developed or seen on the market!”

The ORAC test was completed by Brunswick Labs.  As the leading commercial laboratory specializing in the science of antioxidants and oxidative stress, Brunswick has been testing and providing documentation regarding the total ORAC value of various products worldwide for over 10 years.  More recently, Brunswick developed an even more comprehensive test, called the TOTAL ORAC FN which measures antioxidant activity against 5 of the most important free radicals found in humans.  These are hydroxyl, peroxyl, peroxynitrite, singlet oxygen, and superoxide anion.

Youngevity® is the only MLM company to achieve authorized Health Claims through the FDA. Dr. Joel Wallach and Dr. Ma Lan founded Wellness Lifestyles Inc. in April of 1997, which then adopted the global brand “Youngevity” in April 2006.  Youngevity®, now a leading designer of dietary supplements and cutting-edge personal care and wellness lifestyle products, was founded with the intent to help people “Live Younger Longer!”, and markets worldwide through a network of independent distributors.  With Global headquarters in Chula Vista, California, Youngevity® holds international offices in New Zealand and Japan.  For more information, visit HealthyChocolate.  To order, visit http://sandraw.youngevityonline.com.


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CANDLE LOVERS: All 9 oz. Candles On SALE

All 9 oz. Isola Luce candles, which include a beautiful matching gift box, are on sale (while supplies last).  After they are gone, all fragrances listed below will be available in a 5 oz. version only.

So this is a really good deal!

Whether you use them to gently scent your home or gift them to a friend or loved one, you are sure to receive rave reveiws!

These 100% pure Palm Oil Candles have a 70 hour burn time.

Fragrances include:

  • Pineapple & Vanilla Sugar
  • Wild Fig & Kumquat
  • White Chocolate & Champagne
  • Love In Bloom
  • Dewy Freesia & Tuberose
  • Island Hibiscus
  • Bulgarian Roses
  • Cherry Blossom & Goji Berry
  • Maui Plumeria Garden
  • Oriental Rose & Amber
  • Jasmine Rose & Amber
  • Lychee Mandarin & Melon
  • Mango Blush Frangipani
  • Star Jasmine & Vetiver
  • Ocean Breeze
  • White Peach, Olive & Verbena
  • Kiwi & Strawberry Flowers
  • Granada Pomegranate
  • Lime Basil & Clementine
  • Passionfruit & Melon

Select “Isola Luce” in your Youngevity shopping cart menu (on the left) for descriptions and pictures of all candles.

About Isola Luce:

Isola Luce was founded by the husband and wife team of Garrett and Connie Wesson in 1999.

Isola Luce is a high-end candle line made with the finest quality fragrances, natural oils, and natural ingredients.  They are inspired by the exotic and wonderful fragrances found in many of the most beautiful places on earth.

Founders’ Vision:

“You are invited to share in a wonderful experience of the senses every time you light an exotic Isola Luce candle.”

“Burning a candle should be an experience for mind, body and spirit.  With an Isola Luce candle, you can achieve blissful living without sacrificing the environment.”
– Garrett & Connie Wesson

What People Are Saying:

Guilt free goodies.  They smell like a vacation in a box!
– Bobbie Thomas, E! Channel (September 12, 2005 broadcast).

So tropical-smelling.  It reminds me of a vacation and a daydreamy massage I had in Turks and Caicos.
– Ashanti, Lucky Magazine (January 2004 issue)

Shop our Candle Sale!


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Even established network marketers choose to partner with Youngevity®:

International nutritional products company Youngevity announced the signing of a distributor agreement with network marketing superstar Robert Blackman.  Mr. Blackman is a very successful network marketer with 29 years of experience.  He is 49 years old and is considered to be one of the best in the Network Marketing business today.

Mr. Blackman is the author of numerous training materials, such as “How to Sit Back & Get Rich in MLM” and “How To 100% Absolutely Guarantee That You Can Make Money In Network Marketing.” Along with these books, he has created audios and videos to train other network marketers. Literally thousands of people have gained a wealth of knowledge about network marketing and the MLM industry from Robert Blackman.

Mr. Blackman said today when asked why he made this decision:

“After 29 years of looking for the kind of company and leadership that I could work with for the rest of my career I feel I have finally found it. From Dr. Joel Wallach’s work with minerals, to Steve Wallach’s unmatched corporate management skills to the field leadership of Tom Chenault and Greg Arnold, this is the home I have always wanted.”

Youngevity Essential Life Sciences is a nutritional company dedicated to improving lifestyles by promoting vibrant health and flourishing economics. It is the company’s mission to deliver the finest array of technologically advanced essential and beneficial nutritional products available.

CEO Steve Wallach commented:

“Robert Blackman is the exemplary kind of distributor in this industry that makes us all proud to be a part of it.  Youngevity is pleased and excited to have him as part of our growing leadership team.”

Dr. Joel Wallach and Dr. Ma Lan founded Wellness Lifestyles Inc. in April of 1997, which then adopted the global brand “Youngevity” in April 2006.  Youngevity®, now a leading designer of dietary supplements and cutting-edge personal care and wellness lifestyle products, was founded with the intent to help people “Live Younger Longer!”, and markets worldwide through a network of independent distributors.  With Global headquarters in Chula Vista, California, Youngevity® holds international offices in New Zealand and Japan.  For more information about the company and product lines, visit Youngevity.


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