There are so many people who receive such great benefits from using the Youngevity® line of health and wellness products. In an effort to assist our newest customers, we would love it if our existing customers would share their testimonies below. Thanks!


  1. I started taking Healthy Start Pack 2 days ago.

    It was very humid here in NY yesterday, and usually I have puffy eyes, hands, and feet when the climate is like that. Not thinking too much about it, as I was putting on my makeup, I realized my eyes were not so puffy. On the way to work, I was able to get up the steps on the bus easier; I had some pain, but not like the week before.

    I am in a transition on the job; cleaning up one office, and moving to another. I really didn’t get tired until after 4:00pm. Wow, I am always tired. That was just day 2. I can’t want for day 30. I am a walking testimony.

    I tell you, I thank God for allowing me to work with a company that specializes in helping people overcome health challenges, without drugs or surgery. And I am one of those people. I also thank my sponsor for tolerating my procrastination.

  2. I’ll start. My very first Youngevity testimony (and there are many) was that after 11 months of drinking Pollen Burst every day, I no longer needed to wear my glasses. At that time, the only supplement I was taking was Pollen Burst. I didn’t know anything about the Mighty 90 then. The first month I drank 2 packets per day and during the 2nd month I was able to decrease it to 1 packet per day.

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