Exercise For All Mobility Levels

No matter your fitness level, it is important to perform some type of physical exercise every day. When we wake up in the morning or from an afternoon nap, it is beneficial to stretch out and move the entire body. There are a host of fitness programs that are designed to do just that, gently and effectively.

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[Youngevity] Beauty Box | Eyeshadows

You still have time to order this month’s (January 2017) Beauty Box. It’s all about eyes. Whether you like them bold and dramatic or sultry or understated, this set is perfect. You’ll find it helps you achieve the look you want for a night out, and of course you can scale it back a bit for your workday/casual look.

There are five (5) items in your beauty box: Four (4) eye shadows and one (1) setting powder.

The eye shadows are rich, vibrant, and kind of silky to the touch. The setting powder is a light mix of minerals with a bit of clay added in to help absorb any excess oil on your eyelids.

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Diffuser Gift Set | Valentine’s Day

I wanted to tell you about a second gift option we have available for Valentine’s Day. It is a diffuser set that includes: a diffuser, one (1) bottle of To Be Happy essential oil, and one (1) bottle of Heaven Scent essential oil.

So for this “day of love,” you can give the gift of aromatherapy.

The great thing about pure, therapeutic grade essential oils is the calming effect they have on those who are nearby. Just inhaling the aroma can calm you down and help you to feel less stressed.

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Caring for the Caregiver

Like Angels Among Us

It takes a very special person to provide care for another human being. Many of us did not choose this path as a career, rather it was thrust upon us when a family member or close friend became seriously ill. But as you provide care for another it becomes imperative that you also care for yourself.

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