FDI Youngevity: Pharmacy Discount Card

Save up to 85% off the cost of most prescription medicines.
Listen as Troy shares his experience using the discount card:

In 3 months, Americans have saved more than $3,000,000
(and counting) using these cards.

Frequently Asked Question:

Q: I already have health insurance, how can the card help me?

A: The FDI Youngevity FREE Pharmacy Discount Card cannot be
combined with any other discounts or coverage plans. This is
because the pre-established pricing structure is the same
or very close to the price that the health care providers pay
themselves. Therefore, depending on subsidies and other internal programs,
using your current health care provider may cost you MORE than
the final price using the FDI Youngevity FREE Pharmacy Discount Card.

In addition, many health care providers are discontinuing or severely
paring back their prescription benefits.

The best advice is to, even if you currently have health insurance with a prescription benefit, have your pharmacist run your regular insurance program and the FDI Youngevity FREE Pharmacy Discount Card, and see which is the most beneficial to you.

Source: FDI YOUNGEVITY & MLM News Report: Troy Dooley

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