The Keys to Success – Step 3

Because step number 2 — forgiveness — is so powerful, you have had a little longer to perfect that one. Truly it is something you should do each night to clear your mind and spirit of all the hurts, frustrations and disappointments you have collected throughout your day. This allows you the freedom to move forward without a piece of you forcibly hanging onto the past.

Now that you have proclaimed your success (see Key #1) and have perfected the art of forgiveness (see Key #2), it is time to set your sights on something in the distance, something that moves you or draws you toward it. As Bob Proctor asked in the movie The Secret, “what do you really want?”

Spend some time right now and over the coming days to really think about this one. Allow your wants to surface without censoring, judging, or demeaning them. Pretend that you are a child again or allow your inner child to come out and play and remind you of what you hold near and dear to your heart.


I encourage you to make a list and continue writing until the words spring forth with a visceral reaction, it could be joy, relief, sadness or whatever is in line with your spirit. You should begin with the words: “what I really want in my life right now is…” and begin to list them in order as they spring to mind. Remember do not judge or stifle the flow, just let it happen naturally. Oh, and the operative word in this task is what. So you are only identifying the what, not the Who? How? When? Why? or Where?…only the what.

Have a great week and remember, you are so blessed!

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