The Gathering…In Reverse

schedulepartySheila opened her eyes, feeling calm, relaxed, and refreshed. Her body felt so light and at peace, it was amazing. She cleared her throat, more to reawaken it from the deep calm she had just experienced, she looked at her Soul Purpose Lifestyle Consultant and her six girlfriends who had come over for the hour and said a heartfelt, “Thank you.”

[Twenty Minutes Earlier]

“Now we are going to take a journey of the senses. Aromas and fragrances have an effect on our bodies on the cellular level and they transport us to former times. The smell of hot apple pie may remind you of the one your mother or a neighbor used to make. Or a certain cologne may remind you of your sweetie and some special moment you had together. Now I am going to teach you how to use special aromas (aromatherapy) to help you get to that emotion or goal that you are reaching for: whether it is a sound night of sleep, mental clarity to finish a project, or invigoration to make it through your day. And by the time you leave here, you will be equipped to do this for yourself…”

[Twenty Minutes Earlier]

“As women, it is so rare that we give ourselves permission to make our health, our needs, and really our mental sanity a priority. So often we erroneously believe that self-care is somehow wrong. The truth is when you are happy, your household is happy because you set the tone for your home. A little later, I am going to show you how even 5 minutes can totally recharge your life and help you to be the wife, friend, mother, daughter, sister, the whomever you really want to be. How nice would that be? Now, let’s talk a little about how you presently care for yourself. Linda, let’s start with you…would anyone like more tea?”

[Fifteen Minutes Earlier]

“Ladies, I want to thank you all so much for taking 60 minutes out of your day, to take care of yourself. And I especially want to thank Sheila for opening up her home to me and her favorite girlfriends. By the time you leave here today, you will not only know more about yourself, your friends, and how to carve out some time for yourself so that you can give to others from a full cup, but you will also have the tools you need to do it all in short five-minute increments here and there throughout your day. Now, before we get started, I would like to honor Sheila with a few gifts to say “thank you” for welcoming us into her lovely home…”

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