How to Care for Problem and Dry Skin

The Importance of Your Skin

Your skin is your body’s largest organ. It protects you from the elements. It is your first line of defense against pollution and environmental toxins. It acts as a secondary elimination system when your colon is not functioning optimally. And it is a wonderful means of introducing vitamins and nutrients into your body.

Your Polluted Body

In most cities, we only need to look up at the sky to see the dramatic increase in environmental pollution in the air we breathe. When you add to that the toxins in the water we drink, the food we eat, the carpet we walk on, the water coolers we drink from, and the buildings we work in, you can understand why the incidence of just about every disease is not only on the rise, but is also affecting our children at younger and younger ages.

We should, however, applaud ourselves for the great strides we have taken in reducing the toxic emissions from our vehicles and the amount of garbage going into our landfills. But have you ever stopped to think about the untold damage you do to your body by not being mindful of what you apply to your skin? You are just as important as Mother Earth!

We’ve already talked about how the skin can be used to introduce nutrients into the body. But what if you’re washing and caring for your skin with products that contain ingredients that are good for making the product last a long time on the shelf or making the product look really pretty in the bottle or making the product lather into a lot of suds on the skin…but are horrible for your skin and your body?

And what about your health? Those items are included to benefit the product, not you. If it were created to benefit you, it would contain ingredients that benefit your skin, your health, and your immune system.

Necessary Nutrients

It’s important that you understand that whatever you put on your body, goes in your body…for better or for worse…for sickness or for health. Some ingredients that you want to look for in your body care products are: Vitamin D, natural and organic ingredients, and replacements for the harsh chemicals that are used to create foam and suds in your body washes — something without parabens.

Vitamin D is essential for good health. It improves the eyes, teeth, skin, bones, and nails. It helps you maintain a healthy immune system. It may also help prevent the onset of multiple sclerosis. And it’s been shown to be beneficial for those who suffer from obesity and diabetes.

All this goes to show that when you use the right products (products that are natural, organic, and contain nutrients the body needs), you actually rejuvenate your cells!

Body Care Kit

So what should be in your body care kit so that you are doing your part to keep your skin toned and supple, healthy and youthful? You need a full regimen, with the right products. When you’re shopping, turn the bottle over and read the list of ingredients. Look for words you recognize — this is a good clue to it being good for your skin.

It’s also important that you purchase the full line of whichever product you choose. We often look at the groupings of products and presume that a lotion does the same thing as a butter, so we pick and choose which we will purchase, when, in fact, they all compliment each other. So if you want maximum results, use the full line of products and follow the directions.

I use the Soul Purpose line of body care products because quite simply, they are better than everything else I’ve tried, and I’ve tried a lot of name brands and home concoctions. They are one of the few brands that include organic ingredients, Vitamin D, and FDA approved antioxidants in their shower gels to help nourish and care for the skin. I use the Caribbean Ginger shower gel, body lotion, body custard, body balm, and solid scent perfume essence. The fragrance is very light — since there are no parabens in it — so layering helps to strengthen the scent so that it lasts all day.

These shower gels will not produce a lot of suds — which is what you want. After bathing, I follow up with the lotion on most of my body, the body balm on rough areas like elbows, knees, and feet, and the rich custard on my arms and any part of my body that will be exposed to the elements that day. I finish by applying the solid perfume essence on my pulse points. And remember, there’s no problem with wearing so many items because the scent is so light.

The Experience

The wonderful thing about these products, besides being made with your health and wellness in mind and them smelling so wonderful is the experience of using them. So often whether we are married or single, with children or solo, working or stay-at-home parents, we neglect our own self-care. So just from the time it takes you to have your shower or bath and apply these products you will feel more pampered and cared for.

Perhaps its the soothing aroma you smell from the moment you open the shower gel. To the wonderful way your skin feels as you apply the product to your skin. Or how soft and supple even dry, problem skin feels after applying the lotion, balm, and thick, rich body custard. Or maybe it is the complements both men and women receive from those they know and love (who have seen them everyday) to complete strangers on the street.

And on those days when you have a little more time, the same products you use everyday, can become an in-home spa treatment for you. Pour an ounce under running water and draw yourself a luxurious bath. Light a candle in the same wonderful fragrance of your body care products. Relax and allow the pure essential oils, antioxidants, and vitamins to soak into your skin and rejuvenate your cells. Dry off and take time to lovingly apply the lotion, balm, and custard to your skin. After that, any day you’ve had is better, and the fact that it did not cost you any additional money is like icing on the cake!

Product Information

The body care line comes in 6 fragrance choices. It includes a shower gel, body lotion, body custard (which is even richer than a souffle), body balm (smoother and less greasy than a body butter), solid perfume essence, and decorative votive candle.

Shop Online. Enjoy!


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