Dealing with Hair Loss

It happens to the best of us. Life suddenly throws you a curve ball, then another one, and another one. The stress begins to mount, but you keep going. Eventually it begins to take its toll. One place that it generally strikes is your hair.

Whether you’re a man or a woman, no one likes the reality of hair loss. Rather than shaving your head (men) or wearing wigs (women), there are other options.


Going Bald

Many men in their 30s and 40s experience male pattern baldness. It usually begins in the temple area and spreads to the crown region, leaving a rim of hair around the head.

This type of hair loss is caused by the follicles being over-sensitive to the male sex hormone testosterone. It shortens the growth phase of hair from years to just a few weeks. What this means is that the hair cannot even emerge from its follicle before being pushed out by a new hair growing below it.

A Solution

If you’re willing to do this faithfully for 2 months, most of you will see improvement.

You remedy the problem in two places: the liver and the hair follicle.

There is a product called FULL, which penetrates down through 8 layers of your skin and acts much like those plastic stoppers that parents put in electrical outlets when they child proof their homes. It prevents the testosterone from overwhelming the hair follicle, giving the hair an opportunity to return to its normal growth pattern.

It contains all natural ingredients and has a tiny bit of alcohol, which is used to open up the hair follicle to allow the other ingredients to penetrate. So you don’t have to worry that you’re putting harsh chemicals or toxins on your skin, because you’re not.

When you purchase it, buy 2 to 3 bottles so you can have enough on hand to use until you start to see results. Your results will depend upon the natural growth pattern of your hair. Some people have shorter growth cycles and will see results in 2 weeks, others have longer growth cycles and will need the full two months.

How to Use

Apply a dropper full to the area in the morning and another at night. It absorbs in really fast and it won’t leave the area sticky or greasy. You can use it in the morning just after you wash your hair, but dry your scalp first with a towel so it’s not too wet.

The second product that goes along with it is called HEPOL. It’s a liver supplement. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, every cell of your body depends upon your liver for support. Your liver needs glutathione. A healthy body makes it, some don’t make enough of it, and others stop making it when they approach 40. But your liver still needs it to function optimally. In fact, of the three internal antioxidants your body needs to be healthy, HEPOL contains two of them!

Buy the 3-pack so you have enough on hand to last along with the FULL. Take 2 to 4 tablets per day.

Remember to take before and after photos and send them to me; I love reading your testimonies and seeing your success!

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  • Projoba FULL: Item #: PJ170 – $40.36
  • Projoba HEPOL (1-bottle): Item #: PJ415 – $38.22
    – OR –
  • Projoba HEPOL Tri-pack: Item #: PJ417 – $106.43


For women, if your hair loss is from tension in the temple area (from braiding or wearing wigs) or in other areas (from stress), you’ll find help in a new product called SOOTHE. In fact, one of my business partners just shared her results from using SOOTHE on a patch of baldness in her crown area:

These results are from 3 months of consistent, daily use. SOOTHE comes in a 2 oz. tube, so you can travel with it with no problems. The creator of SOOTHE grew up in the Caribbean; she used her knowledge of herbs and natural ingredients to create this product. It does contain a little bit of mineral oil, but it won’t make your hair greasy.

I also recommend taking HEPOL for the same reasons mentioned in the men’s section. It supports a healthy liver with 2 of the 3 known internal antioxidants that your body needs every day. You’ll notice that taking HEPOL will not only help your hair, but your entire body will benefit as well!

For those women who have had more severe follicle damage, order the same regimen that is listed above for the men (FULL and HEPOL). If you’re willing to do this faithfully for 2 to 3 months, most of you will achieve great results. And remember to send me your pictures!

Product List: Click Here to Order Now
(Preferred pricing available! More Details.)

  • Soul Purpose SOOTHE: Item #: SP436 – $17
  • Projoba HEPOL (1-bottle): Item #: PJ415 – $38.22
    – OR –
  • Projoba HEPOL Tri-pack: Item #: PJ417 – $106.43

Here’s to a healthier scalp and full, thick hair!


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