The Dawning of A New Day!

Are You A Visionary?  Soul Purpose - A Different Kind Of CompanyWords simply cannot express the excitement in the air; it is so rich that you can almost see it, feel it, taste it. It is a piece of history that we will be talking about for years and decades to come. It is, in fact, the dawning of a new day!

Tonight marked the launch of a brand new direct selling company, Soul Purpose Lifestyle Company! There has never been, nor likely will ever be a company quite like this one.

What makes it so unique? Heart. Imagine a community of men and women with a heart to improve not only their own lives, but the lives of all those they encounter around the globe. A company that supports entrepreneurship in small villages around the world (such as Ghana in Northern Africa) and uses those raw ingredients to craft exquisite products to support entrepreneurship right here in America through visionary entrepreneurs, like you.

Imagine a vision birthed out of a place of hope, that came on the heels of a deep and profound hurt, betrayal and despair, that caused one woman to dare to stretch her mind to think that perhaps if 300 women could catch her vision, together they could build a solid foundation and change the world. And instead 3,000 women AND MEN caught her vision and are chomping at the bit to take it forth first to America (especially focusing on underrepresented groups: African Americans, Asians, Latinos, and Native Americans) and then all around the globe.

Logo - Soul Purpose Lifestyle CompanySound too good to be true? It’s real! And today, this day, became a day of possibility…a day of destiny, where the personal hopes and dreams of 3,000 families cross America became real tonight. They were given something solid in the darkness to stand upon as they prepare to take flight!

If you hope for a life far grander than the one you’re living right now, if you have a dream in your heart to change the world for the better, if you are ready to bury fear once and for all so that you can spread your wings and fly like the eagle you were created to be:

  1. Contact me ASAP so you can be connected with other Soul Purpose Visionaries, like yourself, who are ready for CHANGE
  2. When you receive your confirmation email, follow the link to enroll online and launch your new business. It’s that easy!

Together we will make 2008 as great as you hoped it would be!

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