The Keys to Success – Step 1

What does success mean to you? What does it look like? What does it feel like? How excited are you when you close your eyes and visualize yourself basking in all the success you could ever imagine…and more?

No one ever achieved success without a plan, do you have one? The first step is to discover the true key to success and when you do, it will be relatively easy to create an action plan to move you closer to the life you deserve.

So where is success? Where does it reside? Where can it be found? Hint: It is not in a guru; it is not in a book; it is not in a seminar; and it is not anywhere external to you. You may have never heard this before, but it is very true: YOU ARE SUCCESS! It is not something to be found, attained, or strived for; it is your natural state when you relax and allow it to come to the surface.


So to help yourself accept this as truth, at least once an hour — every waking hour — for the next week, say (either aloud or to yourself): I am Success! Say it with conviction and confidence, and feel the excitement, the peace, the accomplishment of these words and allow them to carry you through the best week of your life!

Be blessed

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