The Keys to Success – Step 2

Now that you have had more than a week of affirming “I am success,” you are ready to take a quantum leap forward with this week’s key: FORGIVENESS.

So often you go through life collecting hurts, disappointments, and resentments, putting others through constant tests and trials (unbeknownst to them) and storing their failing results in the back of your mind, only to be accessed at a later time (usually while updating their file with any new failed test results!). To add insult to injury, you soon run out of space in your mind, so your body begins to store that pain, anger, sadness, and UNFORGIVENESS in various parts of your body. Did you realize that?

If you listen to yourself, you often direct your pain to go to specific body parts: is someone a pain in your neck? Or your “lower back?” Have you ever been so angry that you couldn’t even see straight? You get the idea. And that unforgiveness sits there and gathers more pain unto itself, until eventually, your body — which was never meant to carry the cares of this world — begins to break down and deteriorate as a sign to you of its state of dis-ease.

Now enter our success key: the power of FORGIVENESS. This week and also as the perfect ending to every day, repeat (to yourself or aloud): I forgive you. I forgive you. I forgive you. Do this as often as you can, as many times as you can.


As you repeat this directive over and over, notice the tension and memories that may arise as you begin to release old hurts, anger, resentment, fears, and disappointments. Notice where you feel little “bubbles” of unforgiveness burst under the awesome power of forgiveness. You could also repeat this mantra to yourself whenever you encounter aggravating situations like traffic, long lines, delays, rude people, etc.

Some by-products of The Forgiveness Technique are:

  • increased mental energy,
  • a feeling of lightness in your mind and body,
  • a greater sense of peace in your life and your world,
  • joyfulness, and
  • faster manifestations as the barrier of unforgiveness begins to dissolve.

May you be amazed every day at the increased abundance of good that shows up in your life as you embrace forgiveness.

Be blessed!

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