Tired of Juicing? Drink a Pollen Burst.

Same Results…Less Mess!

What could be better than soaking, washing and juicing your favorite fruit and vegetables into the most potent (…and possibly nasty) juice concoction ever?  A delicious glass of Pollen Burst.

Every grain of Pollen contains the most powerful nutrition nature has to offer.  It’s like eating your food before it is grown!

Pollen is the most powerful source of nutritional energy — other than the sun itself.  It can be extremely beneficial when maintaining optimal health and wellness. In fact, you may notice such benefits as:

  • Sustained Energy
  • Weight Management
  • Anti-Aging
  • Greater Focus and Concentration
  • Optimal Physical Performance

You can drink it:

  • first thing in the morning as a great way to jumpstart your day; or
  • in the afternoon when you feel your energy dip; or
  • after your workout as a recovery drink; or
  • when you are sick and have lost your appetite.

More Tips:

  • add ice to make a cool, refreshing drink; or
  • use hot water (to make a tea) when it’s cold outside or to soothe aching vocal chords;
  • use 8 oz. of water when you need an energy boost, and
  • use 12-16 oz. of water when you want a nice health drink you can sip on throughout your day.

With 180+ micronutrients (a little bit of everything your body needs), your one cup of green tea (that is so highly recommended by all the experts), and SOD — the world’s most powerful and effective antioxidant (our body’s most important defense against aging and dis-ease), you’ll want to drink Pollen Burst every day!

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