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In my personal studies on optimal health, I have read and heard that we need between 90 and 100 essential nutrients, every day, for optimal health and well being. These are necessary building blocks for our cells that are not made in our bodies, and are available in limited quantities — or are completely non-existent — in our soil. If the nutrients are not in the soil, they are not present in the plants and herbs that grow in that soil.

My family and I, and those individuals I have met in the Youngevity family, primarily meet this need with a Healthy Start Pak™, which is built around the cornerstone product Beyond Tangy Tangerine, known as “BTT” for short. But being priced around $58 (wholesale), it may not fit into everyone’s budget. So, I wanted to offer a few alternatives.

If you have $20 (wholesale, plus shipping and tax), you can get 77 of your daily essential nutrients by

ordering Plant Derived Minerals™ [Item# :13203]:


Or, for $24 (wholesale, plus shipping and tax), you can add a bit of flavor to the minerals with either Cheri-Mins™ [Item#: 13204]:


OR Strawberry Kiwi-Mins™ [Item#: USYG103230]:


My body responds best to the BTT, so that is what I drink each day. However, of the 3 options I have mentioned, I have only had the Plant Derived Minerals. I add it to water, although you can add it to juice or a smoothie. As far as taste, it has kind of a metallic taste that I generally liken to licking the back of your watch…although I have never licked the back of a watch, this is what I imagine it would taste like, lol. So, when I recommend the minerals to others, I always suggest they order one of the flavored varieties so that it is more palatable. Or order one variety this month and the other variety next month, and let their taste buds decide which one they like best.

You can order your minerals here. In order to receive wholesale pricing, select the Preferred Customer option (it’s free), and you will receive up to a 30% discount off of the retail price.

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