The (Soul Purpose) Joy of the Month Club

Experience the Soul Purpose Lifestyle

The vision and products of Soul Purpose are about living a lifestyle that contributes to overall wellness.  How we care for ourselves matters and will determine the quality of our lives next month and over the years to come.

A Little JOY Each Month!

Each month, a little package of joy will arrive at your doorstep containing a special selection of products in one of our wonderful, exotic fragrances from around the world:

  • 100% soy, lead-free candles,
  • a luxurious shower gel,
  • natural, solid perfume,
  • an ultra rich body moisturizer;
  • or a collection of natural, therapeutic salves

Living a Soul Purpose lifestyle means looking good, feeling good, smelling good, and overall well-being.

Contact me to setup your auto-ship account.


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