Just Popped The Top On A MANGO CANDLE

I just had to write a quick blog post about this GREAT SMELLING CANDLE!

So, my BROWN SUGAR & HONEY CANDLE burned itself out.  So I looked in my stash and decided to “pop the top” on the MALAYSIAN MANGO 100% SOY CANDLE.  Now mind you, I have not lit it, I have only taken the lid off and placed it in the next room.  And the wonderful aroma is wafting into my office.  It smells absolutely delicious!!

It smells so good, that I just had to tell you about it.  Add to that the BODY WASH and BODY LOTION, and you’ve got a marriage made in heaven.  (On a side note, I should have mentioned this in the Mother’s Day Gifts post.)

This candle retails for $20, but your member price is $15.  Remember, it’s only a $10 (one-time) investment, and you receive member pricing on every order you place.  (That is a pretty cool deal, if you ask me.)

Okay, I have 5:25 left in my “hour of power,” then it’s off to pick up my autoship.  I cannot wait to get back to my BTT and Triple Treat Chocolate.

I hope you are having an AMAZING DAY and that your May is off to a FABULOUS START!

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