Sister 2 Sister: Spotlight on Nadine Thompson

Who Does She Think She Is?

Be sure to pick up the January 2009 issue of Sister 2 Sister Magazine and read the first (of many) articles on Nadine Thompson, Founder & CEO of Soul Purpose Lifestyle Company.

“We’re about living your life with purpose.” Nadine said. “Selling these products may not be the…end all of anybody’s life, but it’s a stepping stone for entrepreneurs in the company to find their own soul purpose. If your goal is to create an early childcare center, Soul Purpose can be the company and the business that gets you there. If you’re working full time at the hospital, and that income is what pays your rent and feeds your family, and you need extra money to start your center, set a goal for yourself, and over the next few years, save that money. Soul Purpose becomes the conduit.”


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