Joy Of The Month Club: Brazilian Jackfruit

If you enjoy our (Soul Purpose) bath and body care products, you should consider joining our Joy of The Month Club. Each month you receive a selection of our body-friendly products at a deeply discounted price. This month’s selection is the Brazilian Jackfruit line, and the fragrance is absolutely delicious. The set includes a shower gel, body custard, body butter, and solid scent.

The products contain therapeutic grade essential oils, so they have a positive, calming effect on the body when you inhale the scent. It is also very nurturing for the skin.

As the weather gets colder, you may find yourself using the body butter more than the custard. It does a great job of sealing in the moisture after your shower or bath, and providing a protective barrier against autumn and winter weather.

The solid scent is your on-the-go fragrance. It is small enough to fit in your bag or purse and convenient enough to take with you (on-board) when you travel by airplane.

And remember, with these products a little goes a long way. I keep a bottle of the shower gel at my bathroom sink and just a pea-sized amount is enough to wash your hands…perhaps a dime-sized amount for men. In the shower, the same rule applies, especially if you use a shower puff or exfoliating gloves. Start with one half pump and adjust the amount up or down as needed, throughout your shower or bath. Finally, when using the body butter, start with a small amount. If your hands feel greasy after you have applied the butter to your skin, you are using too much at one time.

To order “Joy of Month Club – October” [Item #: SP9000], click here.
The retail price is $50 ($35 for Preferred Customers, free to enroll).

P.S. – To qualify for free shipping:  Enroll in our monthly auto-ship program and make sure your product total is $50 or more. (Note: You can make changes to your monthly auto-ship order as needed.)

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