I AM Back (For Real This Time)!

I will publish a new blog post every Tuesday, and because I have been away for so long and so much has happened and continues to happen in the areas this site focuses on, there may be lots of posts on the other days as well, until I am caught up on everything.

Instead of coming back with a splash, it will be more like a series of ripples as we gently wade out into the deep water.

Bear with me as I get up to speed again on the companies with whom I am affiliated, particularly Youngevity and Soul Purpose. I am aware that several companies have been acquired, a slew of new products have been introduced, and a few products have been discontinued. Where possible, old posts will be updated and linked to current product offerings. However, considering I started blogging back in my Warm Spirit days, there is probably a lot of text that deserves a strikethrough. Regardless, as I update old posts, I expect this trip down memory lane to be pleasant, as I remember all the people who have walked with me along this journey — some of whom are no longer with us — but they made each day enjoyable and worthwhile.

As always, let’s continue this journey, together.


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