Pharmacy Discount Card Testimony

My team and I are about 30 days into the Pharmacy Discount Card Savings Program, even though it has been going on longer in our (new) partner company, FDI.

Last night, I received a testimony from a business partner in Greenville, Mississippi. The discount card was used at the Walmart pharmacy, and a prescription that normally costs around $100 was discounted to $15.20!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the savings program, it is a FREE card (about the size of your insurance card or a business card), that you present to participating pharmacies to save 10% to 85% off the cost of most prescriptions. This is also a great help for those who have reduced or no prescription coverage through their insurance provider.

The Discount Card Is Accepted At Places Like:

    • CVS,
    • Walgreens,
    • Walmart,
    • Kroger,
    • RiteAid,
    • Costco,
    • …and more than 60,000 other locations

Also, if a pharmacy would like to be added to the list, it is a pretty easy process.

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