The King of All Juicers

The “King of All Juicers” is not really a juicer at all, it is a high performance blender known as the Vita-Mix. You may have noticed it at your favorite juice bar, at your favorite bar, or at your favorite restaurant, and a version of it is housed inside the milkshake machine at McDonald’s. But it is probably more appropriate to call it the “King of All Blenders.”

It is preferred as a juicer because rather than expelling all of the pulp (fiber) from your favorite fruit or vegetable, it masticates it so that you truly get the equivalent of eating that particular food. It is so powerful that it has often been used in ways I am certain the manufacturer never intended, such as to “liquefy” a rat on the popular TV series, Fear Factor.

Disgusting uses aside, it is an all around solution for most people because it has over 50 uses. I have had one for several years now, and although I am not really into juicing right now (preferring rather to use my teeth), I use it most often to make smoothies, ice cream, sorbet, and rice milk. I have had a delicious tortilla soup made during a product demonstration at Costco, but I have never made any soup in it myself. Most recently, I purchased the dry ingredients container and ground my own flour (yeah, I did it!).

For those who are seriously ill or who prefer to make their own wheat grass (gag), you might prefer the granddaddy of all juicers, The Norwalk.


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