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A Phenomenal Woman

After more than ten years of empowering women and men in Warm Spirit Inc., Nadine A. Thompson started over from scratch.

Drawing upon her reputation in the industry, the help of faithful friends, her gift for creating signature products for the skin, hair and body, and the support of thousands of women and men she knew (and many who had only read about her in magazines), she took a leap of faith and created her own company, called Soul Purpose Lifestyle Company.

This new venture focuses on empowering women and men not just here in America, but globally.  It is a green, socially responsible company that puts love into every aspect of its business: from the selection of earth-friendly product packaging, to organic and vegan body-friendly ingredients, to the vegetable-based ink used on its labels, to a compensation plan that gives people the opportunity to significantly improve their family’s finances and create wealth.

The details are so exciting that they often cause her Lifestyle Consultants to scream in excitement when they open the products for the very first time, share their testimonies, and talk about this amazing company.

We now present for your consideration Soul Purpose Lifestyle Company:

Why Soul Purpose?

Because Soul Purpose is a different kind of company.

Soul Purpose officially launched in May 2008, with more than 3,000 visionaries from all across America.

Let Us Help You Be Free!

In a brilliant move, Soul Purpose partnered with a veteran in the direct sales industry, Youngevity® Essential Life Sciences, which has allowed us to introduce the first phase of our product line in record time!

In addition, this partnership gives us access to a variety of nutritional products, organic wine, skin care products, award-winning mineral makeup, and products for the home that all adhere to the same high quality standards, with an emphasis on natural, organic, and body-friendly ingredients.

We also have a global infrastructure that allows you to build an international team!

Why a Home Business?

You Are The CEO of Your Life!

Because…let’s face it…you really just want more control of your life.

But if you’re like most people, someone else dictates the details of your life: where you can afford to live, how much free time you have, which restaurants you can afford to dine in, the quality of healthcare you receive, which destinations you can comfortably vacation in, which schools your children can attend, how often you shop…even the quality of food you purchase at the grocery store…every aspect of your life!

As a Soul Purpose Lifestyle Consultant, YOU are in complete control.

When you become a member of Soul Purpose, you can create the flexible schedule you have always desired and have more time and money for what really matters to you. You can work 4 hours a week or 40 hours…it’s YOUR choice. You can make a living and have a life, too!

Why an Entrepreneurial Lifestyle?

Because it reorganizes your life around what really matters to you.
You can:

  • Start your work day early or late.
  • Take your children to school.
  • Have a long lunch with your girlfriends…during the week.
  • Play another round of golf with your buddies.
  • Take real vacations again and not just “stay-cations.”
  • Prepare a nutritious dinner for your family.
  • Have time to workout.
  • Get healthy and stay healthy.
  • Work your business from anywhere in the world.
  • Enjoy what you do & your business partners.
  • Laugh and have fun again.
  • Make extra money to pay your car note and household bills.
  • Reduce or eliminate your debt.
  • Layoff-proof your life.
  • Finance your dream business.
  • Help your loved ones improve their health.
  • Send your children to the best schools.
  • Purchase or build the home of your dreams.
  • Access the best personal development tools available.
  • Win fabulous gifts, trips, and prizes.

No matter what you aspire to create, Soul Purpose can equip you to earn the income you want and live the life of your dreams. It’s everything you want…and more!

Why this Product Collection?

Because your health & well-being — helping you design a healthier lifestyle for you and your loved ones — is important to us.  So we have an innovative product collection with five distinct categories: Body, Beauty, Style, Spirit, and Sensuality.

Enjoy our Luscious Products!

Our vision is that our products and our lifestyle approach will help you redefine your ideas about beauty and personal style.

The first phase of our product catalog includes: remedies for pain relief, skin conditions, and dry scalp; a hand care collection; a foot care collection; soy aromatherapy candles; solid scent perfume essences; shower gels with antioxidants; paraben-free body lotions; wild crafted shea butter body balms; ultra rich body custards; and beautiful journals with handmade paper.

Also, through our strategic partnership, you have access to the best health & nutrition products, delicious weight management chocolate, an award-winning line of mineral makeup, jewelry, pure essential oils, organic cleaning supplies, alcohol-free antibacterial products, health juices, nutrition bars & shakes, organic California wine, and so much more! These products are botanically based with an emphasis on natural and organic ingredients.

In addition, grooming products for men, elegant note cards, and an intriguing selection of world music are coming soon.

With more than 400 products immediately available to you, you can tailor your new business to suit your personality, your interests, your passion, and your style.

Why this Industry?

Because the person who loves you most determines the size of your paycheck…YOU!

In this time of massive corporate restructurings, asset seizures, government bailouts, and general instability, there has never been a better time to start a direct sales business. This industry has created more self-made millionaires than any other industry and it thrives in down markets.

In fact, the Wellness sector is projected to hit one trillion dollars as more and more Americans look for organic and natural means to sustain and maintain their now longer lives.

Consider this your own personal bailout plan!

Why this Compensation Plan?

Make a little or A LOT!

Because even industry veterans (who have made millions of dollars in other direct sales / network marketing companies) want an application!

With a minimal initial investment you can start your new business right away and begin to create a better lifestyle or just more breathing room in your budget.

Your investment gives you access to our simple, easy, EXCITING and FINANCIALLY REWARDING compensation plan that allows you to earn RIGHT NOW cash and long term residual income and lots of money in between.

Also, in a revolutionary move, your demonstrated commitment to success will be rewarded with shares in Soul Purpose Lifestyle Company — an enterprise we will build together.

What Happens After I Become A Member?

After you enroll now online you will receive your Lifestyle Consultant ID number and your own Soul Purpose website, ready to receive customer orders right away.

In addition, you will receive a welcome packet with information on how to:
  • launch your business for maximum success and profitability,
  • access our elite training program, and
  • depending on your goals, how to slim down, de-stress, or improve your overall health and well-being.

When you join Soul Purpose Lifestyle Company, we assist you in achieving prosperity and success in all aspects of your life, especially your health and your wealth.

What If I Hate To Sell?

Who doesn’t?  But you do like to share good finds with others, wouldn’t you agree?  We bet you do.  We bet at some point, possibly even this week…or today, you shared a favorite recipe, movie, clothing designer, shoe brand, doctor, dentist, hair stylist, book, play, restaurant, CD, cellular provider, retail store, or any other personal recommendation with someone you know…OR…even a perfect stranger!

We, like you, think you should get paid for it!

What Does It Take to Be Successful?

This business works best when you:

  • Have the ability to make a right now decision,
  • Have 10 hours per week to focus on this business,
  • Have a desire to be successful,
  • Have the ability to follow a plan, and
  • Have a great sense of humor!

What Will I Gain?

  • Support: a supportive community to help you achieve your goals
  • Friendship: great friendships with new friends near and far
  • Money: extra money to relieve financial stress and struggle
  • Health: products formulated to support your optimal health
  • Access: personal access to product and industry experts
  • Development: improve how you relate to everyone in your life
  • Positive Energy: like-minded entrepreneurs in a growing industry
  • Travel: great training locations and fabulous prizes
  • Control: you are back in the driver’s seat of your financial future
  • Security: you never have to worry about being laid off again
  • Approval: you will become a valued member of our team
  • Recognition: your accomplishments will never go unnoticed again
  • Respect: for you, your ideas and your contributions
  • You: you can feel like yourself again…you remember

Your Dream Can NOW Become A Reality!

We have created a unique vision.  A vision that is inclusive, that reaches out to you (and to all individuals, groups, and communities) and gives you the opportunity to transform your life, your family, and your community in profound ways.

Soul Purpose is filled with love and joy, hope and vision, and most of all acceptance for you and for all those who share our dream.

You have so much to gain and so many lives to impact.

Become a member right now…you’ll be so glad you did.


“Take the first step in faith.
You don’t have to see the whole staircase,
just take the first step.”

– Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

You’ll agree with me, it’s great to be on our Team!

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