My JavaFit® Testimony

I had my first cup of JavaFit® coffee today, and my first cup of coffee ever! I drank it straight, no cream, no sugar, no nothing, so I would know what it really tastes like…and it was good!

It reminded me of the Irish Breakfast Tea I drink in the mornings (which is a strong tea), but it was smoother and not as bitter.

I do feel more alert and focused. My head hurt for about 2 minutes then it went away…and my tummy feels all nice and warm. Oh, and it stopped me from taking a nap!

I prepared the single serve one, like the one pictured above, since you make it like a cup of tea. It was the regular one, although next time I may order the immune support or the focus coffee. I believe there are six (6) varieties in all. You can read more about it or order some for yourself, here.

I drank it after breakfast, which is usually when I have my first cup of tea for the day. However, I wonder if it would have made a difference if I had drunk it before breakfast, on an empty stomach. Maybe I will try it that way tomorrow…

I know there are tons of health benefits to having one (1) cup of coffee per day. We had a conference call where a health practitioner listed them for us (I should have taken notes). Also, Dr. Wallach hosted a webinar for us and he discussed the health benefits as well. So that was enough to get this die hard tea drinker to finally venture into the wonderful world of coffee, and I am so glad I did. It is liberating to try something new, even if it is something small.

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